INDMTBL Neon Tiger T-Shirt

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The Tiger has always been revered as a symbol of courage. In Asian cultures, the Tiger as Yin directly opposes the Dragon's Yang. This sends a powerful message because the Dragon has long represented kings and emperors. The Tiger challenges what it perceives to be a the ruling power, and aims to level the playing field.

The SNK ATK INDMTBL Neon Tiger graphic tee. You are the Tiger. You have survived brutal trials time and time again, but you remain undefeated. You crouch in shadows and wait patiently for the right time to claim what is yours. You are unafraid, you are unbroken, you are indomitable.


  • Neon cyan/neon red cyberpunk-style graphic on black t-shirt
  • Soft heavy-spun premium 100% cotton t-shirt
  • Crew cut fit for supreme comfort
  • High resolution hand-made silk-screened print