RISING Neon Dragon T-Shirt

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The Dragon: powerful, majestic, and benevolent. Unlike western depictions of evil, fire-breathing dragons, Asian Dragons symbolize royalty, nobility, and an unrelenting force for good. The Dragon in heaven (Yang) troubles itself not with the triflings of the Tiger on earth (Yin).

The SNK ATK RISING Neon Dragon graphic tee. You are the Dragon. You follow your own path, your own vision. You are a creative force to be reckoned with. You've done the work, and while much still lies ahead, you've earned your right to sit at the table. Now, you must rise and claim the throne.


  • Neon yellow/neon red cyberpunk-style graphic on black t-shirt
  • Soft heavy-spun premium 100% cotton
  • Crew cut fit for supreme comfort
  • High resolution hand-made silk-screened print